“Trick Or Threat” Video Has Been Launched

Denpasar, on Saturday 9/02/2013 Prison Of Blues has released a first video clip entitled “Trick Or Threat” held at Warung Tresni Renon Denpasar area. The video is directed by renowned director Erick Est on Dewata island which takes the theme of Horror thriller on Halloween night.

Launch video clip “Trick Or Threat” itself lasts very festive with a number of bands, musicians, and artists of Bali itself enliven the event. Opened with a jam session by musicians who commanded Putu Indrawan blues with blues guitarist showing a Japanese origin. Next connected with the appearance of the De Buntu hilarious band fronted Bardon perform stomach churning the audience with their songs such as “Taman Ria, Lirak Lirik Laki-Laki and Si Gembala Sapi”

Interestingly, the event also featured duo veteran grunge band from Bali Navicula that Robby (vocals) and Dangki (guitar), but the They play on their own with their own project. Robby who once played guitar performing with his band called Ganjil Band, which only reinforced the drums alone. While Dangki Shown in solo with songs of his Pohon Tua. The event continues with the appearance of one of the writers of Bali also Wayan Jengky with his poems.

Topped appearance that night, was playing video clip “Trick Or Threat” directed by Erick Est. In this clip narrated the personnel of the Prison Of Blues Bowo (vocals, guitar), Ndaru (Lead Guitar), Baskoro (Stand-up Bass). and Antok (Drums), held by a middle-aged mother who was annoyed because their Halloween night celebration title, annoying and noisy.

Four men are seen tied and mugged his head with a gun by mothers earlier. Visible expression of trembling and fear of the personnel are able to be visualized by Erick Est. and at the end of clip, the audience was laughing because it was known that the gun used was a toy and bitchy mom was just messing around.

After the video clip playback is complete and then immediately followed by the appearance of Prison Of Blues that brought about 5 songs like “Trick Or Threat, Who Killed Your Friend”, and they also performed a song “Brand New Cadillac” belongs Vince Taylor, “Johnny Be Goode” Chuck Berry to the tune of a reggae legend had brought the “I Shot The Sherriff”.

Video clips can be enjoyed on its own Youtube site and on this site.