Release Album on Halloween

On 31 October 2012 Prison Of Blues has released its first EP, entitled “Trick Or Threat”. Contains 6 songs with the intro song, a song themed on life, three songs with horror-themed, and one love song. Contents as follows: “Tobacco City psychobilly” is just intro to opening song on the album. “Who Killed Your Friend?” This song tells the story of someone who is frightened and intrigued because his friends had been killed by someone who was not known to him. “Trick Or Threat” is a single and song as well as the title of this album tells of terror experienced by someone on halloween night. “Jealousy”This song tells about the events that are often experienced in scene or community, people who are jealous and envious towards us. “Spent Tonight with You” is a first Prison Of Blues love song, the story of a man who does not want much and parting with a beloved spouse. And the final song on this album is titled “Bloody Valentine” tells the story of the horrific incident on Valentine’s Day.