Prison Of Blues Has Completed Tour Promo Album “Trick Or Threat”

Prison Of Blues some time ago had just completed a tour as well as video clips promo album entitled Trick Or Threat. The tour carried on in 4 major cities in Java which starts from Yogyakarta, Surabaya heroes proceed to the town, and 1 week later spliced ​​Prison Of Blues rocked the capital of Jakarta, after the morning of departure directly to the flower city, Bandung.

Tour is arguably running smoothly, but there an obstacle, because when we arrived in Jakarta, we opened our innate instrument, once in the open, contra bass belongs Baskoro his neck broken, we had panicked and confused, and finally what may make us play using electric bass, without prejudice to the psychobilly flavor of Prison of Blues, our play is maximal and the cafe is very excited visitors.

Our anxiety still persists especially the Baskoro a headache with his girlfriend a broken neck (contra bass), but the next day was to leave for Bandung to continue a series of tour, fortunately in Bandung we have friends from Kerata Susana willing to lend theirs conra bass.

Here we played with Punk Rock band from Bali is The Sneaker, and many bands from Bandung of course. In contrast to Jakarta, Bandung Crowd in more varied and more crowded and excited again. Once after playing in Bandung, we returned to our bus to return to our beloved city with a happy heart and body aches chirpy stiff