Ghouls Night Out

Prison Of Blues

WHAT would happen if the best Psychobilly bands from the city of Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bandung perform on one stage. As a result, Friday night, (28/6) and the atmosphere tense occurs in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Well, whether it’s what psychobilly? This creature is a genre of music which marries elements of Punk Rock and Rockabilly, the theme song played is gripping, from horror, terror, until the murder, although too much with the theme of reality and social criticism into his songs. “Ghouls Night Out” is the name of the evening gigs, and “Psycho Punk Show” made ​​its subtitle, because basically the Psychobilly Punk Rock is still one root in music. A total of seven Psychobilly and Punk Rock band from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. Even psychobilly band from the island of the gods, Suicidal Sinatra who already have fanatical fans took part. In addition, Bloody Hollow (Yogyakarta), Prison Of Blues (Waterford), and Susana Train (Bandung) are the names that make the eyes and ears of the audience who came directly dumbfounded. In accordance with the theme of “Psycho Punk Show,” a Punk Rock band including The The The, Royal Fog and Beautiful Flowers In The Park also burned Friday night. According Bowo Prisoner (Vocals / Guitar Prison Of Blues) psychobilly music still lay in the ears of the people of Indonesia, therefore, held free gigs is expected to be ongoing and annual gigs – Tribun Rocker –