Dynamite Magazine CD Compilation


On July 26, 2013 a famous music magazine called Dynamite that comes from german to review about music Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Country, Soul, Ska and this has been the release of the 84th edition. On this occasion Prison Of Blues entrusted to participate fill out a compilation album Dynamite which is a bonus on the purchase of the magazine.
In the 84th edition of the compilation album Prison Of Blues went with 20 great bands from various countries in Europe. For song Prison Of Blues is in the compilation was taken from the first album, entitled “trick Or Threat”.

According to Petra Hornberger which are compiler of the compilation album, Prison Of Blues is the first band from Asia who participated in the compilation album Dynamite since the first edition. It is a pride for Prison Of Blues having already participated and be known by the public in Europe.
Prison Blues Of participated in 84 editions of the compilation Dynamite is the first step to pave the way in music International scale, and expectations of Prison Of Blues is our artwork may be accepted and enjoyed by the people of Europe and the world.

     dynamite cd