Graveyard Party Full Album ( 2016 )

This is 2nd Album from Prison Of Blues, has been release on
18 September 2016 (UK release) and  25 December 2016 (Indonesian release),
this album contain 12 killer tracks:
1. Straight From Hell
2. City Of The Dead (feat. Daniel DeLeon of Rezurex)
3. Mimpi Buruk
4. Graveyard Party
5. Strangers
6. Sindrom Likantrof
7. Black Xmas
8. Horrible Dorms (feat. Titch of Klingonz)
9. Killer Illusion (feat. Ika Zidane of HavinHell)
10. Schizophrenic Doctor
11. Psychoprisonphobia
12. Who Killed Your Friends
dynamite cd compilationDynamite CD Compilation – Germany ( 2013 )

This album is a free bonus cd fro Dynamite magazine Germany,
in this compilation Prison Of Blues bring a song “Trick Or Threat”
taken from 1st album with 20 bands Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Ska
from Europe.

EP Album ” Trick Or Threat ” ( 2012 )

This is 1st Ep Album from Prison Of Blues, has been release on
31 October 2012, contain 6 deadly tracks:
1. Tobacco City Psychobilly
2. Who Killed Your Friend?
3. Trick Or Threat
4. Jealousy
5. Spent Tonight With You
6. Bloddy Valentine



Compilation Album “Billy 13” ( 2011 )                                                                    

In this album Prison Of Blues Brings the song “Bloody Valentine”
and please be aware if that day comes. The album also contains
12 dangerous bands from Indonesia that also deserves to be heard.



Compilation Album ” Sound Of Tobacco #2″ ( 2011 )      

In this album Prison Of Blues bring the song “Jealousy”
with our friends bands from Temanggung, Jawa Tengah – Indonesia.