Dynamite Magazine CD Compilation


On July 26, 2013 a famous music magazine called Dynamite that comes from german to review about music Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Country, Soul, Ska and this has been the release of the 84th edition. On this occasion Prison Of Blues entrusted to participate fill out a compilation album Dynamite which is a bonus on the purchase of the magazine.
In the 84th edition of the compilation album Prison Of Blues went with 20 great bands from various countries in Europe. For song Prison Of Blues is in the compilation was taken from the first album, entitled “trick Or Threat”.

According to Petra Hornberger which are compiler of the compilation album, Prison Of Blues is the first band from Asia who participated in the compilation album Dynamite since the first edition. It is a pride for Prison Of Blues having already participated and be known by the public in Europe.
Prison Blues Of participated in 84 editions of the compilation Dynamite is the first step to pave the way in music International scale, and expectations of Prison Of Blues is our artwork may be accepted and enjoyed by the people of Europe and the world.

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Ghouls Night Out

Prison Of Blues

WHAT would happen if the best Psychobilly bands from the city of Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bandung perform on one stage. As a result, Friday night, (28/6) and the atmosphere tense occurs in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Well, whether it’s what psychobilly? This creature is a genre of music which marries elements of Punk Rock and Rockabilly, the theme song played is gripping, from horror, terror, until the murder, although too much with the theme of reality and social criticism into his songs. “Ghouls Night Out” is the name of the evening gigs, and “Psycho Punk Show” made ​​its subtitle, because basically the Psychobilly Punk Rock is still one root in music. A total of seven Psychobilly and Punk Rock band from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. Even psychobilly band from the island of the gods, Suicidal Sinatra who already have fanatical fans took part. In addition, Bloody Hollow (Yogyakarta), Prison Of Blues (Waterford), and Susana Train (Bandung) are the names that make the eyes and ears of the audience who came directly dumbfounded. In accordance with the theme of “Psycho Punk Show,” a Punk Rock band including The The The, Royal Fog and Beautiful Flowers In The Park also burned Friday night. According Bowo Prisoner (Vocals / Guitar Prison Of Blues) psychobilly music still lay in the ears of the people of Indonesia, therefore, held free gigs is expected to be ongoing and annual gigs – Tribun Rocker –

Prison Of Blues Has Completed Tour Promo Album “Trick Or Threat”

Prison Of Blues some time ago had just completed a tour as well as video clips promo album entitled Trick Or Threat. The tour carried on in 4 major cities in Java which starts from Yogyakarta, Surabaya heroes proceed to the town, and 1 week later spliced ​​Prison Of Blues rocked the capital of Jakarta, after the morning of departure directly to the flower city, Bandung.

Tour is arguably running smoothly, but there an obstacle, because when we arrived in Jakarta, we opened our innate instrument, once in the open, contra bass belongs Baskoro his neck broken, we had panicked and confused, and finally what may make us play using electric bass, without prejudice to the psychobilly flavor of Prison of Blues, our play is maximal and the cafe is very excited visitors.

Our anxiety still persists especially the Baskoro a headache with his girlfriend a broken neck (contra bass), but the next day was to leave for Bandung to continue a series of tour, fortunately in Bandung we have friends from Kerata Susana willing to lend theirs conra bass.

Here we played with Punk Rock band from Bali is The Sneaker, and many bands from Bandung of course. In contrast to Jakarta, Bandung Crowd in more varied and more crowded and excited again. Once after playing in Bandung, we returned to our bus to return to our beloved city with a happy heart and body aches chirpy stiff

“Trick Or Threat” Video Has Been Launched

Denpasar, on Saturday 9/02/2013 Prison Of Blues has released a first video clip entitled “Trick Or Threat” held at Warung Tresni Renon Denpasar area. The video is directed by renowned director Erick Est on Dewata island which takes the theme of Horror thriller on Halloween night.

Launch video clip “Trick Or Threat” itself lasts very festive with a number of bands, musicians, and artists of Bali itself enliven the event. Opened with a jam session by musicians who commanded Putu Indrawan blues with blues guitarist showing a Japanese origin. Next connected with the appearance of the De Buntu hilarious band fronted Bardon perform stomach churning the audience with their songs such as “Taman Ria, Lirak Lirik Laki-Laki and Si Gembala Sapi”

Interestingly, the event also featured duo veteran grunge band from Bali Navicula that Robby (vocals) and Dangki (guitar), but the They play on their own with their own project. Robby who once played guitar performing with his band called Ganjil Band, which only reinforced the drums alone. While Dangki Shown in solo with songs of his Pohon Tua. The event continues with the appearance of one of the writers of Bali also Wayan Jengky with his poems.

Topped appearance that night, was playing video clip “Trick Or Threat” directed by Erick Est. In this clip narrated the personnel of the Prison Of Blues Bowo (vocals, guitar), Ndaru (Lead Guitar), Baskoro (Stand-up Bass). and Antok (Drums), held by a middle-aged mother who was annoyed because their Halloween night celebration title, annoying and noisy.

Four men are seen tied and mugged his head with a gun by mothers earlier. Visible expression of trembling and fear of the personnel are able to be visualized by Erick Est. and at the end of clip, the audience was laughing because it was known that the gun used was a toy and bitchy mom was just messing around.

After the video clip playback is complete and then immediately followed by the appearance of Prison Of Blues that brought about 5 songs like “Trick Or Threat, Who Killed Your Friend”, and they also performed a song “Brand New Cadillac” belongs Vince Taylor, “Johnny Be Goode” Chuck Berry to the tune of a reggae legend had brought the “I Shot The Sherriff”.

Video clips can be enjoyed on its own Youtube site and on this site.

Release Album on Halloween

On 31 October 2012 Prison Of Blues has released its first EP, entitled “Trick Or Threat”. Contains 6 songs with the intro song, a song themed on life, three songs with horror-themed, and one love song. Contents as follows: “Tobacco City psychobilly” is just intro to opening song on the album. “Who Killed Your Friend?” This song tells the story of someone who is frightened and intrigued because his friends had been killed by someone who was not known to him. “Trick Or Threat” is a single and song as well as the title of this album tells of terror experienced by someone on halloween night. “Jealousy”This song tells about the events that are often experienced in scene or community, people who are jealous and envious towards us. “Spent Tonight with You” is a first Prison Of Blues love song, the story of a man who does not want much and parting with a beloved spouse. And the final song on this album is titled “Bloody Valentine” tells the story of the horrific incident on Valentine’s Day.

Prison Of Blues with Cenobites from Holland

In October 2012 Prison Of Blues has followed a psychobilly band from the Holland “Cenobites” who are doing the tour in Indonesia, but the Prison Of Blues only played in two cities, Bandung and Jogjakarta, while the Cenobites played in four cities of Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali , and Tangerang, We are very pleased and proud to play a stage with bands such as Cenobites, and it was a valuable experience for us. Our hope that more and more Psychobilly bands from around the world held a tour in Indonesia as Cenobites


Hardcore Punk & Psychobillly Manifest in a Band from Indonesia Called Prison of Blues – A Review of Their CD Trick or Threat, By Holly Homan

Prison Of Blues
Listen up, punk fans, there’s punk band out of Indonesia to look out for. Prison of Blues are a four-piece churning out throat grinding vocals, some manic guitar shredding along with manic drumming and a stand-up bass that plays so fast I wonder how the strings don’t melt from the friction.
Their new CD Trick or Threat doesn’t bother to even introduce itself politely. It slams you over the head with a blunt instrument requiring you to jolt awake and pay attention. After getting your attention with one minute and ten seconds of the first track, “Tobacco City Psychobilly,” the music calms down only slightly.
“Who Killed Your Friend?” Is the second track and is a rather macabre love song that affixes a death grip around your throat with warnings of broken hearts and bloody valentines.
That figurative grip around the throat doesn’t let go for the rest of the CD as the grinding guitars, stand-bass and drums continue at supersonic speed. The grip loosens slightly on track five, “Spent Tonight With You,” a sensuous love song that lulls the listener into a cryptic trance only to return the death grip in the sixth and final track, “Bloody Valentine.”
Prison of Blues consists of Bowo Prisoner on vocals and guitar, Ndaru on lead guitar, Baskoro on stand-up bass and Antok on drums. They are part hardcore punk, part psychobilly and remember how fast the Ramones or the Dickies played? Bump up the speed by about one third and you have a pretty good idea of what Prison of Blues sounds like.
These guys burn through their songs with venomous energy and are a must listen to for any punkfan.